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Hiatus until 01 Sep + MORE random doodles!

Flying out very soon, for an underserved vacation smack in the middle of "OMG I don't have "all summer" anymore!!1! *flailing arms*" season. This is what happens when you let parents buy tickets for you. On the other hand, I really need the extra money so I can blow it all on my GREs. Yay.

So before I go and ditch you guys for a week and a half (really, I'd rather be here, blogging and working! =/), I'd like to share something bedroom ^^. I know, how risqué...! This naughty piece is a part of my...wall. That's right, my wall is covered in very shameful things, like even more protist doodles:

No, I don't actually need a life. It's all over my wall anyway.

Anyway, I'll be back 01 Sep. Hopefully the blogging will pick up then, as I'm beginning to discover that regardless how nicely undergrad-free it is, summer is just not conducive to extreme productivity or anything. Quite annoying, actually. Must compensate in fall.

[rant] Some asshat recalled the two specific books I was gonna bring home and read on my vacation to get two major sections of the chapter finished before it becomes evident how little I got done this month... and those aren't books of which you find many similar works lying about -- one of them is the ONLY book on the subject since the 1800's, and I absolutely cannot get by without it. So yeah, thanks, whoever it was. Not that they were supposed to know or anything. But I still retain the right to be irrationally pissed off about it. So much for catching up over the vacation. Now I'm really screwed come September. [/rant]

Must head off to airport soon... have a happy end of August, everyone!

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  1. Have a great holiday! (I hope you find your phone XD) The blogosphere will be slightly less protist-ified in your absence.


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