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Slow blogging alert...

As you may or may not have noticed, it's April. April is a very special time for some poor fucks students. This is where this wonderful bi-/tri-annual hazing ritual occurs wherein a tribesman is placed before a patterned sheet of paper and scribbles along for a predetermined duration of time, Subsequently, a tribesman of a higher rank employs these scribbled sheets of paper in a peculiar ritual of divination rite, wherein markings (usually in red ink) are splattered all over to determine the worth (and fate) of the tribesman in question. A certain number of these rituals must be committed over 4-6 years before the tribesman has accomplished the initation rite successfully, upon which he or she dons peculiar medieval robes and is said to now be of a higher rank. These robes seem to reflect the colouration scheme of the respective clan the tribesman belongs to.

Long story short, I haz finals looming ahead. April isn't as bad as December (we actually get to see sunlight, which is kind of cool), but I must also wrap up my current project and write everything up, and as you may know, wrapping up one's research can be an epic pain in the ass. Why does it seem easier to write up other people's research rather than your own?

Also, there's like term papers and presentations and stuff. And taxes. And other gov't paperwork. And holy crap I don't wanna think about how I'm gonna survive this month. Thus, blogging will probably be reduced, and happen [even more] in sporadic bursts (procrastination is sort of quantised...). Kind of stressed at the moment, and the more stuff I have to do, the less I can focus on any given item in the list. Really annoying, to be honest.

That said, Sunday Protist and the continuation to the Neutral Evolution posts are on their way, and apologies for the delay. Actually, I think I'll wait until Wed to finish the next installment on Constructive Neutral Evolution, as Ford Doolittle is giving a talk on that at a dept seminar (sooo excited!) Would make sense to blog about that after his talk.

But yeah, apologies in advance for sub-par blogging until May. And why do I have to absorb the Canadian obsession with incessant apologising despite not actually being Canadian? Grrr...sorry about that! =P


  1. Not even an a-mitochondriate, hydrogenosome-containing metazoan can break your silence ;-) I thought this would be one metazoan you would be interested in.

  2. Ah, I retweeted it, but thanks! It's on my list of things to mention's definitely quite amazing! (does it actually have real hydrogenosomes, or are they [other] endosymbionts instead?)

    Tend to hesitate about making 3-line posts -- find them distracting to the overall 'flow' of the blog -- so I either accumulate a bunch of stuff and then post (or intend to, anyway), or, lately, just tweet them:

  3. I glanced at the paper -- perplexed by their conclusion that the organelles in the TEM must be hydrogenosomes per se, as they don't seem to have done any staining or anything. May have missed something though...


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