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Mystery Micrograph #20

Originally posted at 00:31 31 Mar 2010
You guys are too good at!
(Oh, and I am working on writing up the past ones... just so you know -- they're coming, eventually...)

Scalebar = 25um; to be referenced later

Edit [20 Apr 2010]: Figured another image may help:

Scalebar = 500um; to be referenced later

Poor thing's been feeling rather neglected lately. Never underestimate the dangers of a microorganism gone mad from abandonment...

Edit [24.04.10]: Another glimpse.
Scalebar = 10um; to be referenced later

I'd like you to pay particular attention to the surface structure... /hint


  1. Pythium daphnidarum on Daphnia? Or some other Pythium?

    Are you going to grad school? You need to.


  2. The Daphnia is right, but not the Pythium. Note the presence of flagella in the first image! ;-)

    I'm aiming for grad school, but my marks are really bad so it all depends on whether someone out there lets me sneak in somehow. That said, I've got nothing better to do, so I will keep trying until it happens, so that's a yes =P

  3. Then it could be Phytophthora citricola

  4. Yes, Johan got it!

    How are you so good with these? Ever consider joining us on the dark side and becoming a total hardcore protistologist? ;-)


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