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Mystery Micrograph #10

Originally posted: 01.12.09 6:06PM
14.12.09 - bumped; solve it!

Johan got the last one -- it was Hoplonympha, a hypermastigote parabasalian; despite mischievously trying to look like Streblomastix (an oxymonad). If any or all of that sounded Greek/Latin to you, it's probably because it was it will be elucidated eventually, after I take care of the nematode foram parasite thing, as well as a delinquent Sunday Protist (which no one noticed, right? Good!)

Now let's look at something that appears more familiar:

Sadly, no scalebars (yay 1980s), so 18 - 200x; 19 - 230x; 20 - 200x; 21 - 170x; 22 - 1200x; 23 - 1800x (to be referenced later)

Also, to be fair, I did ask Opisthokont to pick a random clade, to give me MM ideas, and then explicitly said I won't do it. In the interests of fairness, the clade was...Breviata. So we know this is not a Breviate. Considering Breviates are this massive and famous group consisting of a tiny handful of species no one really cares about seeming to flip a finger at Tom's unikont idea (EDIT: Well, not entirely...), this should be the most useless hint to date.

Have fun! ^_^

HINT 13.12.09: The group of organisms this thing belongs to SHOULD NOT be doing this!
HINT 16.12.09: Perhaps this may help you a little.

(King 2004 Dev Cell; probably could add in a couple more lineages as 'multicellular-oid' but that's irrelevant...)


  1. It sure looks like a species of Dictyostelium.

  2. Nope, sorry. Again, that would be waaaay too easy ^_~

  3. Nope.

    Time for another hint: the answer may shock you.

  4. Saprolegnia? Or some other oomycete?

  5. Nope, not an oomycete. Right superkingdom though, in the Cavalier-Smith sense.

    Need another picture/hint?

  6. I can't actually get access to a picture to confirm that it's Sorogena stoianovitchae, but I think you've pretty much given away that it's Sorogena stoianovitchae.

  7. Just as I go through the trouble to post another hint!

    You got it, congrats!

    Sorogena it is, a slime-mould-esque ciliate!

    (feels like I did much better on the biochem final than I expected,and also I haven't slept in many hours, so I'm in a very ! mood! It's the pre-crash random energy surge! Two more to go!)


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