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Divine masterpiece of a diagram...

In my quest to conquer as many TC-S papers as humanly possible, I came across this masterpiece of visual presentation*:

Love the "missing link" in the most prominent location. This is gonna be good...! (none other than TC-S, 2006 Biol Direct; open access)

83 page paper. 4 exams ahead. Tom's paper, wild hypotheses, bold assertions, *drools* cellular evolution. Exams, marks, future career. Hmmm. Damn you, Tom, I think you win this time...I will only read a few pages. The rest will be read over the holidays. I shall set my limit to...6 pages max until after the biochem final. And practise self-control. I CAN abstain from alcoholism drugs sex TC-S papers, I can! OMG, I has TC-S addiction... o_O

People in that field call me crazy. I can't quite figure out why...

Speaking of which, might anyone happen to have TC-S 2004 The membranome and membrane heredity in development and evolution
in Organelles, genomes, and eukaryote phylogeny: an evolutionary synthesis in the age of genomics Eds.: Hirt & Horner?
or his other chapter "Chromalveolate diversity and cell megaevolution: interplay of membranes, genomes and cytoskeleton"? We actually don't have that book, and there are no accessible PDFs out there, apparently. Alternatively, I could order it through inter-library loan, but I think I've harassed them enough for this year...

*His diagrams are 'special' enough to be featured on journal covers...

On a more personal note, I will try to abstain from blogging excessively over the next few weeks. Finals, etc, you see. 'tis the season to be cramming, lalala lala la la la la. Which is why I'm sitting here reading about eukaryotic megacell megaevolution. So if I'm falling behind on my posting obligations, that's why. In reality, I'm gonna be procrastinating my ass off, but we don't talk about that here. Perhaps I should write 1001 Things I'd Rather Do Instead of Cramming for Biochem Final. Would be such a bestseller. I mean, the possibilities are truly ENDLESS!

After finals, I'll have very sparse internet access until 04 Jan. Blogging will resume normally then.

That said, watch my post rate increase two-fold all of the sudden. And marks drop accordingly...

Speaking of marks, there's a guy in our lab who spent 5 years studying biology, and proudly brags about NEVER having stepped foot in a library all those years. His marks are really good.


  1. That is a very awesome diagram. And I finally did a C-S blog post! The papers are so friggen huge and full of information, each one is about six blog posts in itself. I did the evolution of bacterial cell-wall, I might hack away at flagella next time :D

    (tell me if I acidently step on your turf with subjects...I was planning on sticking strictly to bacteria)

  2. I was only joking about "my turf" -- seriously, there's enough space for everyone, and more. The more protists are covered, the less work for me to do =P

    (not that I mind or anything)

    And yes, TC-S is...dense. Read one of the reviewer's preamble on that 2006 paper for a very apt description...


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