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Japan is a special place: The Manga Guide to Molecular Biology

Holy shit, two epic geekdoms blended into one awesome compilation -- The Manga Guide to Molecular Biology:

Really really curious...anxious to read it... internet, can we make this happen? *wink*

Now I really need to go to Japan. Considering I'm so going to have loads of cash flowing around for the next 10 or so years of slavery grad school and post docs... =(
Although, rumour has it this coming summer the Arabidopsis meeting is in Japan somewhere... brb, must make earth-shattering discovery. Of sorts. Where do I begin? *opens cytotoxic drug box* hmmm!

It seems like the Manga Guide to Protistology will be free of competition for the next little while. Hello there, Cer Ratium! ^_^

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  1. I'm trying to go to the SMBE meeting in Japan in 2011. Unfortunately, I'll have to pay my own way. That's okay though, because I've always wanted to go and you've just given me another reason!


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