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I'm ashamed of you, California!

Having practically grown up in Bay Area (9 years of my childhood), I'm quite disappointed to hear about Prop 8, and the anti-gay marriage vote. I've always considered California as a special civilised part of the US, a shore of liberal sanity next to the shamefully fundamentalist South and Midwest.

I simply cannot comprehend: why on earth could anyone, anyone, be offended by legalised gay marriage? I mean, is anyone forcing you to have one? Does the encouplement of gays hurt anyone? Do you seriously get physical injury from seeing two girls kissing or guys holding hands? If so, perhaps you should take greater care when playing with yourselves. If your mentally-demented deity will send people to hell for it, why not let them go there? There will be more chances of you getting into your heaven of choice -- think of the gays as your competitors. If the applicant admission average is lower, more chances of you getting in. How in the hell could you have a problem with that? I can't even understand why fundies would oppose such liberties. I cannot understand how any harmless liberties could be opposed.

Including weed. Weed only makes people mellow and benign, how could that be of any harm to society? If anything, alcohol is a far more vile substance. But I guess the Christian god says booze is ok, thus we'll allow it. He said nothing about Cannabis sativa though, therefore it's bad. Also, teh paganz smoke it. Therefore it should be banned.

How much longer must we be governed by medieval laws based on the customs of a developmentally-challenged bronze age society in modern-day Israel? Why the hell should the ancient shepherds of the Middle Eastern deserts have a say in how we live our lives today?

It's not like the ancient Palestinian civilisations were worthy of any admiration, even back then. Intellectually and technologically behind their own peers, exceptionally misogynistic, racist, xenophobic to the extreme... viciosly intolerant even to their own original thinkers. I simply refuse to admire such a society -- even Rome, with all its problems, is far more pleasant. The Waorani are far more attractive -- at least they had the humility and honesty to admit they were tired of their endless bickering and spearing raids.

Needless to say, yesterday's results made me quite happy! I'm not an American, and therefore had no say, but luckily sanity won (even if barely). The Democrats will be far from perfect, and are plagued by plenty of problems ranging from the Bush's awesome legacy to their own incompetence. But at least they're not theocrats. Oh thank god for that. I would not survive a day in a theocracy, for I cannot keep my mouth shut. I suck at censoring myself... would run into so much needless trouble. Also, if I happen to be quite certain I'm right -- I am right. Until proven wrong. The fundies are right... until sufficient therapy and medication. Stalemates are boring...

Although I must admit, this feeling of beckons irresistably, akin to some mind-numbing drug. You know it's not real, you know times ahead will suck (economic crisis, etc.)... but, so tempting for your mind to shut down the skeptic faculties and enjoy the party.

Yesterday was a joyous day for many who have lived to see the day a slightly more pigmented member of our species be able to hold office. Perhaps we may live to see the day where posessing a Y chromosome is no longer a strict requirement.

Perhaps, (this is a wild fantasy) one day... we could live to see an atheist elected to office! What if there will be a time when a presidential candidate does NOT have to end every single speech with "God bless" and the likes. Perhaps, a day will come when we will no longer be America's most mistrusted and hated minority! Further yet...perhaps, someday, freedom from dogma will become a cherished goal embraced by the whole society! Perhaps a day will come for us all to embrace intellectual liberty and pursuit of happiness in truth, a day of healthy balance between skepticism and wonder. A day when the majority appreciates life as it is, living it to the fullest rather than awaiting an eternal heaven that will overwhelmingly most likely never come.

We have a long way to go. Can we?

I'm cynical. Prove me wrong, and I will gratefully succumb to euphoria. Please help me reject my null hypothesis...

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