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Eight supergroups on a table

Back, after a bit of a distraction and an irritating bout of writer's block (how do you get rid of those things, seriously?). While I go write up a post for the long-interrupted Sunday Protist series, have a protisty doodle. My friends have this makeshift coffee table from two pieces of wood, which serves as a canvas for procrastination painting and such; anyway, if you supply me with permission to doodle on something, it invariably ends up protisty (or anime characters, or a frightening mix of the two), so here are eight supergroups on a table: (flash gets a a sharper image but the colours get screwed up)

Watercolour, pencil and [lab] marker on painted wood. Really fun to do watercolours on top of paint – you're not sneered at by warped wet paper, and it's very easy to wash off mistakes.

The cast:
Archaeplastida – Acetabularia
Alveolata – dinoflagellate (eg. Protoperidinium)
Stramenopila – Chaetoceros
Rhizaria – Gromia
"Hacrobia" – centrohelid "heliozoan"
Amoebozoa – tubulinid amoeba
Opisthokonta – choanoflagellate with a chitinous basket
Excavata – photosynthetic euglenid

(Accuracy not guaranteed as I was too lazy to use references)

1 comment:

  1. really nice!

    I don't have drawing skills like yours, but i like to draw random things during boring lectures, always ending like some surrealistic landscape with gigantic myxomycetes


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