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Mystery Micrograph #26

And we're back with a fresh batch of Mystery Micrographs! I'm sure you missed the frustration that goes along with attempting to ID an obscure microorganism no one cares about from a limited set of grainy photos. I understand. Today, labmate and I discovered this 3D maze puzzle thing our supervisor oddly (and cruelly) left in the lab, and spent a good 4h cursing at it. I expect my Mystery Micrographs to have a similar effect, if only to make up for all the emotional suffering we experienced today trying to solve a children's game, to no avail yet. At least my micrographs aren't aimed at 5-year-olds. Anyway, I assume you've all taken advantage of my absense to go off into the faraway mountains* and undergo rigorous daily training in the high art of protist taxonomy. So here's a slightly evil one. I want the genus. Enjoy!

Fig 13 is x400 (To be referenced later)

* Ironically, rigorous training in protist taxonomy with a black-belt master would currently entail going to places with rather unimpressive/lacking mountains...


  1. Nope! But I do need to find one of those myself someday...

  2. seems to me that they are diferent species
    16 and 17 looks like Echinostelium sp or Macbrideola, and 13 and 14 looks more like Clastoderma

    or...I'm completly wrong and 13/14 is Cribraria and 16/17 Clastoderma or Macbrideola lol
    colors and better pictures would help :P

  3. Congrats for your blog! I love it
    I am not sure about these pictures... Without colors it is quite difficult for me to tell :)
    I think it is Echinostelium sp or Clastoderma pachypus


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