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Irremediable Complexity – Science piece

Just wanted to bring to your attention that a new Perspectives piece finally came out in Science this past week, nicely (and in a concise way) summarising Constructive Neutral Evolution – that is, the capacity of non-adaptive and neutral processes to drive a seemingly directed increase in complexity.

Since non-OA publishers are lame and don't let the unprivileged lower creatures to see their articles, I put up a (hopefully) freely accessible pdf here. Hope the link doesn't die. Read it, it's like my previous ramblings on the subject but more concise and accurate and written by people who know what they're talking about ;-) (I also blogged Ford Doolittle's talk here)


And yes, part III of my CNE post is coming, as well as the post on Mike Lynch's seminar talk. Let's just say that writing for work does not leave much guilt-free writing juices left for blogging about complicated topics. I mean, if I have the mind and energy to read papers and write about them, I feel guilty not spending that on the work I'm actually paid to do... Should catch up soon enough though, and then the blog monsters shall be unleashed and there will be no respite from the flood of intense protistiness that shall follow, bwahaha!

*The Dal is strong in this list...


  1. Well my comment sent some seconds ago should have been posted here. Please can you change this?

  2. The only other comment from you (and it's been approved – auto-moderation for comments on >2wk old posts as an anti-spam measure on FoS) is on Doolittle's talk post.

    Anything else must've been lost in an informational black hole. Happens, sometimes.


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