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New carnival in molecular biology and CoE#25

Sorry for the delays in posting - was out of town and away from internet, and then frantically scrambling to get back into the writing zone and get work done. Only half a month ago, another edition of the Carnival of Evolution went out: #25 at Culturing Science. Go check it out, she even has drawings for each heading!

Coming up soon is the first edition of the new MolBio Carnival, headed by Alejandro at MolBiol Research Highlights, where the first edition will happen (posts on the first Monday of each month). We need submissions (form here), and after a couple months, hosts. From the the carnival's main page:
We encourage the submission of posts discussing peer-review articles, techniques, books and related topics. Specific areas of interest include, but are not limited to: structure and function of proteins, nucleic acids and other macromolecules, gene expression and its regulation, signal transduction, apoptosis, developmental biology, cell cycle and cell growth, microbiology, biochemistry, structural biology, membrane dynamics and many others. Systems and synthetic biology-related posts are also welcomed.
So go on and share anything molecular biology related, which is perhaps the bulk of modern biology anyway ;-) (except my stuff -- really need to crank up the molecular details here someday...) Feel free to double or triple post or whatever to multiple carnivals. The more linkage action going on, the better.

Ok, the carnival's gonna be waaay better than my miserable failure at advertising it. So go hit that shiny submit button *sparkle*. And please help spread the word!

Finally, I find many old illustrations to be quite beautiful. This one is from 1938 (Myers, PNAS) discussing the sex life of forams:

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