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Carnival of Evolution #24 is up at Neurodojo

Go check it out (I'm in it, uncategoriseable as any true protistologist ought to be...). Vandalised logo included
(I think those black things around the brain are Toxoplasma afflicting Dr. Zen's rational decision-making, driving skills as well as design sense...=P Just joking!)

In personal/blogging news, I just got back from a random trip to Calgary (where it snowed and hit -2C on the 29th of May... wonderful variety of climate!), and for no comprehensible reason volunteered myself to write a chapter in a week and a half. Felt like I couldn't ask for too much time from someone who's rumoured to be fully capable of writing an entire paper within 24h... anyway, since this blog is not that said chapter, won't be able to do much aside from a Sunday Protist or two, and maybe some random post if something comes up.

Hmmm... or maybe I should write parts of the chapter here first? Anyone wanna hear about Hacrobians (cryptophytes, haptophytes, centrohelids, telonemids, katablepharids and biliphytes)?

Oh, and does anyone have access to Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton, eg. this article? Every once in a while I come across interesting- and relevant-sounding papers from there, and we apparently don't subscribe to the archives, but not sure I'm bothered/desperate enough to order them through interlibrary loan...

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