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Homage to RefWorks...

I wish Blogger had RefWorks citing capabilities... I've gotten spoiled by clicking the 'cite' button to cite stuff. Here I actually have to write out the full citations. By hand. The horror.

Luckily, I can preformat stuff there and just copy it over here. Blogging has just got a ton easier.

Sadder than my newfound dependency on citation managers is that I actually think they're like the coolest thing ever. There was actually a rush of euphoria when I discovered cursing the process of typing bibliographies is a thing of the past! I even investigated all the various citation styles and...yes, found my favourite one.

I have a favourite citation style: of the Current Opinion series. I even have a rationale for liking it. Look how neat and easy to follow it is:
Cavalier-Smith T: Predation and eukaryote cell origins: A coevolutionary perspective. The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology 2009, 41: 307-322.
The bold formatting option exists to be used, either for the author or the title. The author is usually first anyway, so it makes more sense to bold the title. The numbered in-text citations [1] make it easy to follow review papers without the clutter of full in-text references. (although the full format comes in handy at time too...) The only issue I have is the year appearing at the end. I prefer the pub year to appear right after the author, since in biology it's fairly important to know when stuff was said/done. I hate that about the wretched MLA: they don't even use year in their in-text refs!

I randomly blogged about citation styles.

I think I've just reached the epitome of geekdom. To beat that, you must argue for YOUR favourite citation style.

However, in this post is a preview of paper I will be working on translating into English for you guys, from the TC-S dialect of academese... it's on the evolution of eukaryotes from prokaryotes. Fascinating stuff!

Now I'm actually gonna do it...

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