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Overcome by madness...

Once again, apologies for lack of posts -- our university is putting on an undergrad research conference this Saturday, and the slides aren't quite finished yet. Had loads of crap due today, along with a quiz in the 9.30am class I seldom attend. Also, I accidentally ventured across something interesting and tangential to my research, and had to resist the urge to dig further. Unfortunately, I lost that battle, and consequently created extra work for myself.

Anyone have any idea how to balance research with coursework life? It tends to devour your soul as you branch out akin to a plasmodial slime mould, engulfing more and more territory and stretching thin your precious cytoplasm. Eventually, you just have to retreat from side branches to generate a sense of direction... and form fruiting bodies, etc. Ok, I have no idea how that ties in with the analogy...

Running on 4h of sleep implies an excuse to lazily post a link instead of real blog content. Here's a Tree of Life page on dinos... enjoy! It has pretty pictures!

Back to madness...

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