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Although I'm not quite sure which way the welcoming goes; in a way, the readership is the one welcoming (or not) a particular author. But since I hold some power over this web space -- which is owned by Google at the moment, among other things -- and you, the potential reader, submit your eyes to my mercy:


Safety Note: The eyebleach station is just around the corner, in case you may need it.

As much as I love textual rambling, life can get fairly busy so I cannot guarantee daily posts. I will try my best to persist against the laws of motivational entropy (reads: laziness) and post here with moderate regularity.

Also, I cannot guarantee this place to be full of scintillation and excitement. If my performance of fail becomes exceptional, I have a list of better blogs at the sidebar ^_~

My ramblings will mostly focus around biology -- especially cell biology and protistology -- memetics, linguistics, random adventures, diatribes against inferior opinions, and...well, whatever ramblings come to my head at the time of writing. I'll try to keep fundie-bashing to a minimum as that is well taken care of at Pharyngula, FSTDT, et al. I may also, if brave enough, blog on... *gasp* peer reviewed articles. However, don't raise your expectations...

The title of the blog is based on a chapter in Carl Sagan's wonderful book, The Demon Haunted World. The chapter is called "The Marriage of Skepticism and Wonder", which beautifully sums up the job (and life) of a scientist. Wonder is what powers us to proceed further with the exploration of life, while skepticism is the self-correcting mechanism that protects us from delusional worldviews. Skeptical wonder should not be just limited to a handful of scientists -- if presented properly at a young age, anyone -- regardless of occupation or education level -- can practice it and enjoy the resulting beautiful, yet consistent, world.

The pale blue dot comment also belongs to Carl Sagan. I highly recommend watching this clip, especially on days when a little perspective is needed. It is truly a work of beauty and profound wisdom!

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